Things to know

Because I think its important to make this distinction and I am weird, I want to make my vocabulary clear:

What is Xreal?

Xreal is a company which manufactures and sells HMDs that have look like a pair of sunglasses and have a transparent display. I'll be calling their HMDs: Xreals and glasses from now on. Xreals use birdbath optics which have micro-OLED displays tucked away inside the Xreals. The glasses essentially function as a super portable display with high privacy and portability.

Xreals are NOT augmented reality glasses.

Unfortunately, the Xreal company has been using false advertising for the Xreal glasses. They keep saying they're "augmented reality" and comparing it to the Apple Vision Pro. However, the glasses are nothing more than an HMD; a display for your face.

What is there to do with Xreal glasses?

Watching videos

I enjoy using them for watching stuff while I am out of the house or doing chores. Its also great for watching videos while laying down. You don't need to move your neck to view the display.

Playing games in 3D

Because the Xreals technically have two displays in them, one for each eye, you can use them for viewing 3D content. I like using the side-by-side 3D in the Dolphin Emulator. It also just so happens that at the moment, the Xreals have a higher refresh rate than my monitor. I can use them for playing games at 120hz.

Discrete Portable Computer Stuff

With the Xreals paired to a phone or some type of computing puck, you can use them for computer-y stuff while looking like a strange person wearing a pair of strange glasses and typing on a keyboard while staring at nothing. Seriously though, it can be really nice to check direct messages or have a video open while moving around on foot. Samsung DeX makes for a nice portable desktop environment.

Ideally I would have a computing puck with a sim card running Linux. I kind of already done that via the Steam Deck. I've designed my own traveling cover which enables me to connect the Xreal glasses and somewhat safely leave the Steam Deck running in a bag on my back. I'll probably make a page about that travel cover someday.

Where do the Xreals fall short?

Too Expensive

They're super expensive for what they are. 300 to 500 dollars for what is essentially a 1080p screen.

Issues with clarity

On the Xreals Air 2 (the pair I have), you need to push the glasses really close to your face to see the far bottom left and right corners clearly. A big issue that some people are having is that there is no IPD adjustment. If your eyes are a little too far apart, you can't make out anything in the Xreals. You could just end up having to return them the second you try them for the first time.

Terrible software support.

Luckily you do not need the software to use the glasses, but for what is there, its pretty terrible. It tries to take advantage of the 3DOF tracking that all pairs of Xreals have, but the 3DOF is extremely inaccurate and drifts. It also puts the display into the 60hz mode so any type of head motion looks really blurry. The Xreals also have a very limiting FOV, so unless you are viewing your display super head on, you cannot see the entire thing at the same time. Also just... as far as I am aware, Windows still doesn't have any form of functioning software...

They look stupid

As much as I love using them, the glasses sit too far from your face to look like a real pair of glasses. It can look a bit jarring on some people's faces.

Not for people with weak legs.

I've been using virtual reality headsets ever since 2015 so I am already very familiar with the types of sensations associated with wearing an HMD. However, I have heard that the Xreals can make people feel sick.

No UV protection.

Despite looking like sunglasses, they don't actually provide any protection from the sun.

Who are the Xreals for?

Anyone who needs a nice big display to bring with them on the go but doesn't like the portability limitations of a typical portable display. That is exactly who this is for. I feel like if you have no reason for a large display that is easy to bring with you anywhere, there isn't any reason to drop so much money on this.

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